Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back To The Gardens (yay!)

BACK to the Missouri Botanical Gardens again, one of my favorite places in the world. We took the kids there on their last day of summer break and it was gorgeous. That place is getting so big, we never seem to see the whole thing in just one visit anymore.

This water feature is so cool and inviting in the Japanese Garden area. The ripples are almost hypnotic.

This is the same fountain just a different view. I'd like one of these in my backyard please.

They call this the Climatron conservatory. We didn't make it in there this time but we've toured it several times before (and I'm assuming (hoping) many times to come). I was there once in the wintertime and when we stepped in, it was like we were transformed into summer. Everything was so lush and green.

Beautiful lily pads were still blooming. Somehow the water always looks black in this pond but it creates such a stunning effect with the flowers. Love it.

I think I take a picture of this fountain every time I'm there. I always try to capture how lovely it is. You have to imagine the gentle spraying sound of the drops as they hit the water. If only a camera could capture this...

I'd never seen water quite like this before. It was as if someone had dripped food coloring in and swirled it with a stick, just a little, to create this green marbling affect. I thought it was beautiful, but I noticed all of the fish were at the other (clear) end of the pond.

One of the ever-changing areas of the gardens. When I visited in late spring this scene was totally different. They had just planted annuals but now, presto chango...magically it's a whole new garden!