Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is a sweet, sweet little robin from Scotland. My husband just returned from a trip overseas to visit his grandma and was able to snap this photo before he flew away. (I hear it wasn't easy.) Oh, I wish we had these over here! I might have to paint him on something...
These two photos are from a town in Scotland called Moffat. There's the Moffat Post Office and gift shops looking all Christmassy with their Christmas trees hanging off the buildings.

I was in this town before and ate at The Rumblin' Tum. What a great name. I've also been to this James Pringle Weavers gift shop and bought a porridge stirrer. I'd never seen one of those and had to get it to hang in my kitchen!

I had to include this pic of the beautiful scenery in Scotland. It's a litle hard to see but little houses are dotted all along the water.

Bed & Breakfasts are lined up in a row and so colorful in Blackpool, England. More inspiration to paint!