Monday, November 30, 2009

Wallflowers Handpainted "Believe" Giveaway

Momma In Flip Flops 2 is hosting a giveaway for my Christmas "Believe" original hand painted canvas. It will arrive just in time for the holiday season. This sweet little 5" by 5" wraparound canvas fits anywhere on your wall or displays nicely on a desk or shelf.

To enter, click here and this will connect you to the blog post with the directions to enter. If you sign up as a follower of her blog then you can catch ALL of her giveaways as soon as she posts them. A winner for the "Believe" painting will be randomly chosen December 2, 2009. Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's a Zoo Around Here

Here it is, late November and we actually got to go to the zoo! I was a little surprised that the peacocks were one of the highlights. I can remember in the past feeling lucky if we found one peacock strolling around. But this time there were about a dozen of those colorful birds...walking, sleeping, keeping guard over their sanctuary.

We discovered that if you really want to see the big cats, right before feeding time is the best. I don't know how many times I stood and stared into empty cages, hoping for a glimpse of a panther or tiger. But when they're hungry, they're out there!

I went a little crazy with the framing of these photos. After playing around with the colors I just couldn't bear to take them off again!

This mother giraffe was fun to watch. She knew it was time to eat and could hear something just behind the doors. She would run to one door, then hear something at door number two and run there. Then run around a big circle pathway and back to door number one again. Every now and then she would chase the ostrich that shared her home but then it was back to door number one to start all over again.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Gift To You! Recipe Card Download

Click on the card for the downloadable pdf file

I created a new recipe card for you in a downloadable pdf file! You can print out as many of these as you want...print them on card stock, tie them up with a ribbon (I'm really startin' to LOVE ribbons) and give as a gift. Or keep them for yourself. Or both! You decide.
A little background about this bowl...this is the antique bowl (and a very heavy one!) that my grandma used to use. She's the same grandma that stitched the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" picture from a prior post. Now I have this bowl because I LOVE to bake chocolate chip cookies (also see my recipe for those yummy things here). Why that entitles me to have the bowl I'm not sure, but it somehow made sense at some point along the way. I actually DO mix up my cookies in that bowl and I use that same wooden spoon that I looked at to paint the border spoons on the recipe card. I don't know why, but there's just something about a wooden spoon that helps it all mix up just a little bit better. I suppose it's just like anything worth doing, the process of getting there is just as important as the end result.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wallflowers Is Having A Giveaway!

Wallflowers by Michelle Meyer Studio is having a giveaway! Frugal Mommy of Two Girls is hosting a giveaway for my Christmas "Believe" painting! Simply visit her blog at and follow her instructions on how to enter. Easy! If you sign up as a follower of her blog then you can catch ALL of her giveaways as soon as she posts them.

This Christmas "Believe" wall design is new this season. The moon gently sleeps while snowflakes quietly fall around him, all while awaiting for that magical day. This charming design is hand painted with acrylics on a 5" by 5" by 1 1/2" wraparound canvas. No frame is needed and can be hung on a nail or can sit on a shelf or any flat surface. Comes ready to hang.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shabby Lane Shops November Treasure Box Giveaway

Another Treasure Box will be given away for the month of November! This is an awesome collection of items from several of the shop owners from Shabby Lane Shops. Just click here to go to the Shabby Lane Shops Blog to sign up to win.

This Christmas "Believe" 5" x 5" painting is my contribution to the giveaway!

Doesn't this look like it would be SO much fun to open up and find what treasures are inside?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shabby Lane Shops Holiday Decorating Contest!

Several of the Shabby Lane Shops members have had a lot of fun decorating our websites for the holidays! I think of my little pink cottage (above) as my art studio, so it was kind of like decorating my own house. It was SO much fun! I went through old photos and found this snowman that my kids made, and the sled they use for sailing down the hills. The ornaments hanging above the door and window are from my vintage stash. Even the presents under the trees are from Christmas' past! It's like a part of me went into this sweet little picture. Just like decorating for the holidays at home.

So don't forget to vote for your favorite Shabby Lane Shops holiday website design (Wallflowers!). Just go to the link on the right sidebar and vote for your favorite (Wallflowers!) through the end of November. Oh yeah, did I mention if you want to vote for me, just go to that link and click on Wallflowers. Thank you!