Monday, April 12, 2010

These are two of my new hand painted signs just listed on my website. This Cottage by the Sea sign reeeeally makes me want to visit the ocean again. It's slightly distressed, just enough to make it look like it's seen many year's worth of high tides.

And Le Nid is French for The Nest. It's a sweet little sign that would fit in anywhere. Both of these are listed in my Hand Painted Signs category on my Wallflowers website.

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  1. Hi Michele, Love your signs. The beach and nest just happen to be two of my very favorite things! :) In fact, I was on the internet a good part of the day looking for a beach cottage for our July summer vacation...can't wait. Wish you could have joined us at the SLS retreat but next time for sure. :) Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn