Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My (pretend) Second Home

Upon arrival at the Missouri Botanical Garden on this beautiful, sunny morning, it was hard to miss these onion flowers just outside the door; greeting us with their surprisingly large, purple awesomeness. Even the butterflies came to whisper hello.
I couldn't resist capturing the image of this lady, capturing the image of the view in the photo below. She looked so peaceful sitting there. You can't tell by this photo but we were surrounded by one of the rose gardens. I could sit on these gray benches all afternoon and just drink in the scent of hundreds of blooming roses.
Now that I'm a garden member I feel somewhat like a part owner. Not really, but I get to pretend that I am. So I pictured how nice it would be to live like Monet at Giverny, with a house inside the Botanical Garden. It was easy to imagine painting whatever and whenever I liked.
These roses would be my first stop, paint brush in hand.

And all of my gardeners would wear these great hats.
And this would be my fairytale house. How handy it's already built on the grounds for me. (Actually, I'm told one of the employees normally lives there.) I would never have to leave.

Except to buy more paint.

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  1. I love your photos of the Garden! What a beautiful sunny day. I enjoyed it so much, thank for taking me along.
    love, mom