Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to the Missouri Botanical Gardens

I was lucky enough to find this heart shaped hydrangea at the gardens. How perfect!

The climatron and water lilies look so beautiful together. It was great to be there on a sunny day, a little hot of course (in St. Louis, what do you expect?) but that's okay, we were just happy to be there!

Chihuly created these glass sculptures a few years ago and they add so much color. Those lily pads are so large, we had to resist walking on them like stepping stones.

These guys were just asking me to come over and take their picture. I couldn't say no.

Still green, but finding these gourds was a subtle reminder that fall is just up ahead. (Yay!)


  1. Michelle these are beautiful pictures! Especially the hydrangeas!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. What a fabulous place to visit, a real nature wonderland. Thanks for taking me along.
    love, mom