Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shabby Lane Shops Holiday Decorating Contest!

Several of the Shabby Lane Shops members have had a lot of fun decorating our websites for the holidays! I think of my little pink cottage (above) as my art studio, so it was kind of like decorating my own house. It was SO much fun! I went through old photos and found this snowman that my kids made, and the sled they use for sailing down the hills. The ornaments hanging above the door and window are from my vintage stash. Even the presents under the trees are from Christmas' past! It's like a part of me went into this sweet little picture. Just like decorating for the holidays at home.

So don't forget to vote for your favorite Shabby Lane Shops holiday website design (Wallflowers!). Just go to the link on the right sidebar and vote for your favorite (Wallflowers!) through the end of November. Oh yeah, did I mention if you want to vote for me, just go to that link and click on Wallflowers. Thank you!


  1. Hi,
    LOVE your Christmas Decorations, especially since they are from "real" Christmas experiences.
    Good advertising for WALLFLOWERS!