Friday, December 4, 2009

New! Downloadable Gift Tags

A couple weeks before Christmas 2008 I wrapped a few gifts and rummaged through my stash of ribbons and packaging, looking for my gift tags. It's one of those things you run out of one year and you're convinced you'll remember to buy more before the next Christmas comes, but at some point throughout that 365 days it just escapes you.

I had an image in my head of a pear dangling from a limb and decided right then to paint it and print out my own gift tags. This year I've made that same tag and a few others available to you as a downloadable PDF file through my website, Wallflowers. You can click here to view them all or each one separately on the pictures above. These images are Michelle Meyer original designs and only available through my website. They look nice printed on card stock with either a matte or a glossy finish. They can even be dressed up by punching a hole and adding a ribbon.

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  1. This is awesome thank you for sharing.

    ♥°o.O•°o.O HEIDI♥°o.O•°o.O